Safer Home for Kids with Rugpads

Safer Home for Kids with Rugpads

Have you ever thought about the fact that it’s much easier to remember accidents and mistakes than it is to remember when everything went smoothly? It’s actually very difficult to remember the times when nothing exciting or unexpected happened.

This is why you’ll know your rug pad is working when you totally forget that it’s even there. Our goal is to make your area rugs the safest and most uneventful objects in your home.

Which Rug Pads is Safe for Kids?

Besides preventing slipping, rug pads for children must be non-toxic. That is why natural rug pads are recommended for kids.

Ultra Natural is the most affordable natural solution for keeping area rugs in place on hard surface floors. You won’t even feel it under your feet as you walk across your area rug and finally open and close doors without having to worry about dangerous and frustrating bunching or sliding anymore. Made from a woven polyester scrim coated with a specially formulated natural rubber compound from real rubber trees, Ultra Natural is durable and strong. It is perfect for high traffic areas with kids, and guaranteed to last for 10 years. 
Our Rug pads are Proudly Made in USA !