Rug Pad Size

Does A Rug Pad Need To Be The Exact Size?

When it comes to purchasing the perfect rug pad for your home, one of the most popular questions asked is, “How do I know what is the right size for my rug?” Here we plan to help answer not only the most pressing questions in order to guide you in the right direction, but others that may come up along the way!

Rug Pad Size

Our Motto

When it comes to accurate sizing, the goal of finding the perfect proportion rug pad is to allow the rug pad to come as close to the actual size of your area rug border without showing. This gives your rug the ability to provide full coverage of the rug pad, as well as supply additional grip from your rug's edges. In some cases, when your area rug is not the exact dimension as advertised, it is best to purchase a larger rug pad as you can always easily trim and customize with a sharp pair of kitchen scissors in order to achieve the optimal surface area coverage according to your specific rug size.

Another factor to consider is your rug pad thickness. When considering your rug pad purchase, be sure to examine the thickness of the rug you are purchasing your rug pad for. For an example reference, The American Disabilities Act requires floor coverings should not exceed a thickness of half an inch, and any exposed edges of the carpet should be fastened to the floor. 

ADA-compliant carpet should be a level or textured loop, level cut pile, or level cut/uncut pile with firm cushions. This ADA standard links directly to our recommendation of keeping your rug pads between ⅛” to ¼” - because yes, your rug pad can be too thick and cause tripping if not paired well with your rug. We suggest not exceeding ¼” of thickness when purchasing your rug pad. 

Common Misconceptions

  • The 1 inch border rule

Oftentimes research will reference to purchase your rug pad 1-2 inches inside the perimeter of your area rug. Allowing your pad to come as close to the border without showing can help to prevent any drooping over time at the edge of your rug in order to maintain its value. 

  • All rug pads are the same

Every rug pad is designed with a specific purpose whether for different types of floor surfaces, comfort, threshold clearances, etc. Using a rug pad for the wrong surface can actually ruin your floors or not work effectively. When choosing any type of rug pad, please follow the flooring manufacturer’s rug pad type recommendation. This information can typically be found in the use/care/warranty manuals or on their website. 

  • Rug pads ruin hardwood floors

Only apply rug pads to clean, dry, and fully cured hardwood floor finishes. Certain rug pads are designed just for hardwood flooring. If you do not know the type of floor finish, we always defer to rug pads made with natural rubber and/or felt with synthetic natural rubber/synthetic rubber blends to maintain your beautiful hardwoods. 


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Break It Down. How to Choose Your Rug Pad?

The right rug pad for you comes down to a few considerations. Before your selection, be sure to know what floor, rug shape, and rug size you have to pick the best overall choice.

  • Floor Type
    • Hardwood
    • Carpet
    • Hard Surface
      • Tile
      • Vinyl
      • Laminate
      • Wood
      • Stone
      • Marble
  • Rug Shape
    • Runner
    • Rectangle
    • Round
    • Square
    • Oval
    • Octagon
  • Rug Size
    • Depending upon the size of your rug, be sure you purchase a pad large enough to land at the perimeter of your area rug. If between sizes, we recommend always sizing up, and having the luxury of customizing your rug pad to the perfect fit with a sharp pair of kitchen scissors. 
    • With a wide selection of sizes offered on our website, we are sure you will have plenty of options to choose from to fit your needs. 

Knowing the dimensions, shape and floor type are important parts to your rug pad purchase when investing in your home. 

Rug Trimming

All of our rug pads can be cut with a pair of sharp kitchen scissors. The goal is to allow the rug pad to come as close to the actual size of your area rug border without showing. Easily customize any rug pad to the size of your needs. Be sure to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Measure your mark: For larger area rugs, it might be helpful to mark out the desired placement location on the floor as a guide (temporary placement of painter’s tape is an easy go-to).
  2. Lay flat: Using the markings as a guide, lay out your new rug pad and place the area rug on top. 
  3. Trim away excess: Use heavy duty fabric or craft scissors to trim a felt rug pad, paper scissors may work fine to trim thinner rug pads, or natural rubber rug pads. If the rug pad is as close to the outside border of the area rug without showing, no trimming will be necessary. If the rug pad is as close to the inside border, but showing through outside of the area rug borders, trimming will be necessary. Simply lift the area rug edges and trim away excess leaving the rug pad as close to the border as possible. 


Rug Pad Size

Being sure of the correct size of your rug pad can help you and your household. Here are a list of reasons why you will want the correct size rug pad:

  1. Safety: Helps to stop corner rising and/or curling of your area rug as well as helps to stop slipping of your rug. 
  2. Floor protection: Helps keep the area rug in place to prevent the area rug from shifting & sliding resulting in scratches caused by abrasion.
  3. Preserves your rug: Rug pads help lengthen a rug’s lifespan by protecting delicate fibers from constant shift & stretching.
  4. A thick rug pad such as the Premium Deluxe Cushioned is an extra layer of support between floors and heavy furniture
  5. Noise reduction: Area rugs help make a huge difference in the reduction of sound traveling from room to room. With the appropriate sizing (specifically denser felt ones) like our Premium Maximum Cushion, the additional layer will help absorb the sound of stomping feet or a thumping bassline. Apartment dwellers are big proponents of the benefits of adding rug pads to minimize noise.

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Whether you seek rubber coated for your hardwoods, felt for better insulation, or open weave construction for optimal air circulation, browse our website and find the best options and sizes suited to your needs and designed just for your home. Also check our size guide.

Always defer to the flooring manufacturer for rug pad material type compatibility. This information can typically be found in their use/care/warranty manuals or on their website.

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