A Rug Pad Makes Vacuuming Easy

A Rug Pad Makes Vacuuming Easy

Vacuuming rugs isn’t easy. Area rugs, especially those that are small, thin, or unanchored, are prone to slipping around. This means that you have to constantly adjust them. It makes vacuuming a major chore. But don't worry - a rug pad can help you reduce cleaning times and make cleaning easier. Rug padding minimizes friction, making vacuuming easier.

Robot vacuums can deal with rugs

Robot vacuums are already some of the handiest devices for making your cleaning routine easier than ever. The only downside is that robot vacuums can run into trouble with floor coverings — which are notorious hair-trappers — especially with smaller area rugs that can be dragged around by a cleaner.

A rug pad is the trick to keeping rugs from sliding when vacuuming. The proper rug pad makes vacuuming easier by keeping your rug flat.  Our rug pads are designed to keep everything straight and even. 

Should you vacuum a rug pad?

Unlike area rugs, rug pads do not need to be vacuumed as often. While dust and dirt do make their way down to rug pads, it isn't sufficient to require a weekly vacuum. You don't really need to do an in-depth clean on rug pads more than four times a year.